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December 16th featuring Michael Alenyikov, with musical guest Jason Brock »

Baruch writes… Happy HomoDays. Get your Queers, your stockings your Rainbow Chanuka Candles and come to the Queer Open Mic Dec 16! I am looking forward for this the last Queer Open Mic of 2011. Our features are Michael Alenyikov, author of Ivan and Misha and musical guest, the amazing Jason Brock. You can read […]

Changes at the Queer Open Mic »

Hello hello, my dearest Queer Open Mic community! I adore you. You know that, right? Month after month… from that fantastic year when I showed up religiously to perform at your microphone because I knew I had finally found my people… to those incredible and humbling three years as your organizer and co-host…. and after […]

A message from Baruch… »

Dear Friends I am calling out to all of you to reach out to a Queer Youth, I’m not going to bore you with details, you all know why. Reach out to a Queer Youth. I know, I know, “Baruch I don’t have the time.” Then at least tell them about The San Francisco Queer […]

Friday, April 23rd: featuring CAMP OUT! »

It’s SUNNY OUTSIDE!  Have you been to Dolores Park? I was there this morning with my iced venti mocha latte machiattayadayada surrounded by scantily clad tattooed and pierced genderbending queers, and it suddenly dawned on me — like a purple paisley rabbit-shaped vinyl purse flying through the air and hitting me in the head out […]

November 27: ForWord At The Mic! »

Yes, yes, we know. The hot guy outside of Macy’s is already selling roasted chestnuts in red jeans, a wife beater, and a Santa hat while they sift fake snow over him from above the door. Don’t look. It just encourages them. Actually, there’s a much cooler holiday coming up besides the one the Evangelists […]

October 23rd: Featuring NCN! »

OMG! I saw Autumn! There was a leaf! On a tree! And it was half yellow, half orange, and it was LAUGHING at me because it knew the rain was on its way. I’m voting for thermoses of hot chocolate, big fuzzy blankets, and sitting really really close to the hot glittery new kid next […]

September 25: Meghan Baker! »

Hey Queer Cats! How’s that draft coming? You know, the one of that piece you’ve been working on… the raw, beautiful one where you bare your soul and frame it in wit and punch us all in the gut in the process and then feel just a little bit awkward for not having edited it […]

August 28: Folk Rocker Neil Aaron! »

Breaking News: We have collected enough evidence (in the form of gratuitous exposed, tattooed flesh at Dolores Park) to assert with a high degree of confidence that San Francisco really does have seasons, and that this one is called summer. This is big. We want to celebrate this ground-breaking announcement with the kind of Queer […]

Friday, July 24: Brittney Shepherd! »

Heeeeyyyyyy!  Hey hey! Hey! We have really good news! You know that gorgeous regular of ours who always knows the magical incantation to make all of our microphones work even when they’re completely broken, and who secretly makes big movies when nobody’s looking, and who spits hot luscious stories about women and love and love […]

Friday, June 26th: LUCKY 7! »

OMIGOD ARE YOU OVERLOADED YET?!? No? Then you’re not going to enough National Queer Arts Festival shows and Frameline flicks this month! Srsly, get out there! June only happens once a year! (And I hear there will be some marches and parades soon, too…) Or maybe you’ve just been sitting around, glued to your computer […]