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March 26 Queer Open Mic – Now, With Even More Sax! »

Sam Sax, that is…but more about him in a moment. Spring has sprung, though we’re guessing you couldn’t tell because you’ve been hiding in your house. Yeah, we know you’re in there. Hiding from the tax & census mafias, eating your girl scout cookies, afraid of the big yellow thing in the sky and the […]

February 26 – Queer Open Mic with Michael Montlack »

In February, it sucks to be queer. Did you ever notice that? Way too many “boy” and “girl” cupids kissing on cards that tell your sweetheart that you’ll love them forever. Hallmark doesn’t have a M4M section in its mile-long row of pink heart-bedazzled schwag. Bridal shows don’t have suggestions on how two brides can […]

January 22: QOM features Dusty Rose! »

Happy New Year! While some news organizations and media mavens may be telling you that 2010 is just going to be a different version of the same crap, we beg to differ – this year is going to be full of amazing brilliance, savvy commentary, and ridiculously fun literary shenanigans, and Queer Open Mic is […]

Philip Huang headlines our December 18 QOM! »

Are your chestnuts roasting, yet? What about that Jack Frost dude – has he been nipping at your nether regions? Not to worry, because Queer Open Mic has got a hot little show that will get those nuts a-toasty, along with the cockles of your heart (and any other cockles you might have).  The FABulous […]