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November 18: Queer Open Mic with Morgan! »

What, really, is there to be thankful for in November? Are we thankful for the commercialism of the Holiday Season creeping ever closer? Are we thankful that it’s suddenly getting dark at 4:00 pm? Are we thankful for the onrushing flood of unneeded calories, the extra strain on our wallets? Mostly Thanksgiving seems to serve […]

October 28th: Queer Open Mic with Daphne Gottlieb! »

The thing about Queer Open Mic falling on the fourth Friday of the month is that every October there’s really strong temptation to just talk about Halloween. That holiday really dominates the end of this month. But who cares about it, y’know? What is so damn exciting about being something that you’re not for a […]

September 23rd: Queer Open Mic with Lynn Ruth Miller & Montana Rose! »

Do you ever get bored of always doing the same old thing? Not because there’s anything wrong with it, not because you’ve ceased to adore it, but just cause you think maybe you’d like to change it up? Do you, inveterate Berkeley hippie-chick, ever just want to shave your legs and go to a posh, […]

August 26th: Queer Open Mic with James Siegel »

Oh San Francisco. What were we complaining about? The need for an extra layer or two? The way knit hats are still fashionable in mid-Summer? At least we still have the option of drinking our coffee hot. At least nobody has warned us to stay in-doors and avoid the risk of “heat-related injury.” As the […]

July 22nd: Queer Open Mic with Blythe Baldwin »

Hey there San Francisco! How’s that Summer coming? Got your woolly hats? Got your fingerless gloves and long, dashing scarves? Layering to the max? Yeah, we hear you. “Coldest winter I ever spent” and all that (apocryphal, apparently. Twain never said it. We just go on remembering it because it happens to be true.). When […]

June 24th: Queer Open Mic with Michael Montlack »

What’s that? You’ve got to be kidding us. REALLY? It’s June already?! Well sweet hot holy queertasticness you’re right! We know we’ve been busy, but how could we have missed JUNE coming to San Francisco? This is the month to embody your queerness and check out a whole city’s worth of glittering marching queers! Our […]

May 20th: Queer Open Mic with Liz Green »

Hey hey, it’s May – and everything is topsy-turvy! We’ve bid goodbye to our former home at 888 Valencia as our beloved Modern Times bookstore changes locations — and of course, we’re traveling too! This month (and, we think, this month only) we’ve been taken in by the amazing Borderlands Cafe, at 870 Valencia Street. […]

April 22nd: Queer Open Mic with Liz Prescott! »

Ours is an ever changing world. Sometimes we’re in control of the change, sometimes we just have to accept it and adapt. Sometimes we anticipate change with joy and excitement, other times with dread. Sometimes, we don’t anticipate it at all – it just happens. And that can be scary. This April, Queer Open Mic […]

March 25th: Queer Open Mic with Abe Becker »

March is a frustrating month. It’s no February, of course – it isn’t evil– but it’s a bit of a tease, that’s for sure. March gives you glimpses of Spring, and then it goes and does what it’s doing right now. It throws a little tantrum. It reminds you that it’s still half Winter. It […]

February 25th: Queer Open Mic with Dave End »

It’s been said before, but it’s worth reiterating – February is a month of lonely hearts. February is a long, slow slide that ends, if we are lucky, with spring time. But before we get there we must endure the month long bombardment with red hearts and flowers, the Hallmark-induced fear that we cannot be […]