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January 28th: Queer Open Mic with Alexander Crumbsnatcher »

While the rest of the country contemplates the beginning of the 2011 between rounds of shoveling snow from their drive ways, we here can turn over our new leaves while admiring the leaves that are still where they belong: on the trees. It’s one San Francisco’s many benefits; along with fantastic burritos, magnificent character, and […]

December 17th: Queer Open Mic with Erin Quinn O’Briant »

The simple truth is that winter time, even in San Francisco, can be a drag. The holidays, your own or other peoples’, can be a drag. The music. The lights. The aggresively heteronormative commercials. The overwhelming consumerism. The feeling like you should have something to celebrate when you don’t, should be making merry even when […]

November 19th: Queer Open Mic with Tatyana Brown »

It’s that time again. Costumes have gone and the Big Holidays, with their candles and their jingle bells, are coming. We’ve only got a few weeks to breathe in between, and to take stock, and – if we’re to follow tradition – give thanks. There’s something tremendously affirming, especially in a somewhat stressful season, in […]

October 22: Queer Open Mic with James Caroline »

Do you know what you are wearing? Do you know who you will be? Halloween is coming, you know. Heck – this is San Francisco. Halloween is here! What haven’t you been, this year? What would you like to be? A pirate? a princess? An astronaut? a thief? An astro-pirate? the princess of thieves? A […]

September 24: Queer Open Mic with WonderDave »

It’s that time of year again. When once upon a time you begged your mom for that Trapper Keeper. When you started wondering what outfit would make the best, most accurate, most kick-ass impression on the first day of school. When the crossing guards and the big yellow school buses come back. It’s September, and […]

August 27: Queer Open Mic with Josh Healey »

We all have something we believe in, right? We believe in love, joy, laughter. We believe in the healing powers of chicken soup or gluten free vegan organic tempeh vindaloo. We believe in sunshine and late nights and mist in the morning. We believe in our own beauty, but sometimes we forget. And the only […]

July 23: Queer Open Mic with Jen G »

While the rest of the country wilts and melts under blistering heat, we here in San Francisco remain just as breezy-cool as ever. You know it, we know it – but why not get your sassy queer self out to Queer Open Mic and prove it?! Summer’s a great time for falling in love, for […]

Friday June 25, Queer Open Mic Featuring Genderfork! »

What are you doing on your computer? Why are you inside? Don’t you know that it’s JUNE people?! This is the month-of-months! As if San Francisco wasn’t a great place to be queer any time of the year, in June we straight up take over! From marches to the Frameline Festival to the National Queer […]

Friday, May 28th: Queer Open Mic with Dominika Bednarska! »

Spring she came, and she carried us out of winter and into warm days that just make you want to get out there and into the sunshine, show off some skin and enjoy the good things in life. Like food, drink, sex, love , and poetry! That makes May the perfect time to come and […]