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July 22nd: Queer Open Mic with Blythe Baldwin »

Hey there San Francisco! How’s that Summer coming? Got your woolly hats? Got your fingerless gloves and long, dashing scarves? Layering to the max? Yeah, we hear you. “Coldest winter I ever spent” and all that (apocryphal, apparently. Twain never said it. We just go on remembering it because it happens to be true.). When […]

June 24th: Queer Open Mic with Michael Montlack »

What’s that? You’ve got to be kidding us. REALLY? It’s June already?! Well sweet hot holy queertasticness you’re right! We know we’ve been busy, but how could we have missed JUNE coming to San Francisco? This is the month to embody your queerness and check out a whole city’s worth of glittering marching queers! Our […]

May 20th: Queer Open Mic with Liz Green »

Hey hey, it’s May – and everything is topsy-turvy! We’ve bid goodbye to our former home at 888 Valencia as our beloved Modern Times bookstore changes locations — and of course, we’re traveling too! This month (and, we think, this month only) we’ve been taken in by the amazing Borderlands Cafe, at 870 Valencia Street. […]

This Friday! Baruch! Baruch is on fire! »

Hey Queercats!  Did you miss us?  Have you been pining for a good dose of counterculture brilliance and beauty for the last month and a half?  Are you longing with deep gutteral moans at night for that ripe dose of good old fashioned sexydeviant spoken word, like mom used to write? Well put on your […]

Queer Open Mic is BACK! Thank you, Modern Times Bookstore! »

Sorry for that blip on your entertainment radar.  We lost our venue, and it was sad. So sad.  But now we’ve scored a fantastic NEW venue!  Modern Times Bookstore! ::wild applause and whooping cheers:: Modern Times Bookstore is one of the queerest bookstores in the world. They’re a collectively owned and operated community oasis for […]

Queer Open Mic needs a new Venue!! »

If you haven’t already heard, we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news. The Three Dollar Bill Cafe has closed its doors — suddenly and forever — and now QOM is without a performance space.  The 3DB has been a wonderfully generous home for us for four years.  We love them dearly, and we’re […]