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Changes at the Queer Open Mic »

Hello hello, my dearest Queer Open Mic community! I adore you. You know that, right? Month after month… from that fantastic year when I showed up religiously to perform at your microphone because I knew I had finally found my people… to those incredible and humbling three years as your organizer and co-host…. and after […]

A message from Baruch… »

Dear Friends I am calling out to all of you to reach out to a Queer Youth, I’m not going to bore you with details, you all know why. Reach out to a Queer Youth. I know, I know, “Baruch I don’t have the time.” Then at least tell them about The San Francisco Queer […]

Honored to be Stepping Up »

You may have heard the rumors… Emchy had so much art in her life that she was exploding, and she gave some of it to me.  I’ll be stepping as the new Queer Open Mic co-host on July 11th, and I’m honored beyond articulation about this (although I did try to articulate it over here). […]

Working on it… »

Hey All, We’re building out this new blog/website to give Queer Open Mic a central home on the web. It might take awhile to get all the pieces in place, though, so please be patient. Leave a comment below if you have ideas for us. xo