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Friday the 13th is Queer, Bitter, and Single »

So what if everybody and your mother are celebrating Valentine’s Day all weekend long with their stupid overpriced Russel Stover’s chocolates and their stupid cartoon cards with red hearts all over them and their stupid hand-holding and stupid kissing everywhere.  Whatever. We’re over it. In fact, we’re SO over it that we’re creating a bunker […]

September 26: BARUCH! »

This Friday, kick off your kinkyqueer Folsom Street Fair weekend right with the kind of spoken word talent that puts your brain and heart in separate vise clamps and twists them in opposite directions until you cackle out your safeword from a place in your gut so deep it sounds more like a yodel than […]

Honored to be Stepping Up »

You may have heard the rumors… Emchy had so much art in her life that she was exploding, and she gave some of it to me.  I’ll be stepping as the new Queer Open Mic co-host on July 11th, and I’m honored beyond articulation about this (although I did try to articulate it over here). […]