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August 8: Marlo Gayle w/guest host Steven Schwartz »

Friday, August 8th we’ve got a special treat for you… A Queer Open Mic regular (and certified sexy crowd-pleasing ham)… MARLO GAYLE!! Ever since he slid out from between his mother’s nether lips 40 years ago in Cincinnati, Marlo Gayle has been obsessed with the ol’ in and out. He loves to write little smart […]

July 25: Natasha Champney, the Purple Cow Poet »

This Friday, July 25, the Queer Open Mic is super excited to bring you Natasha Champney, the Purple Cow Poet*! Natasha is a performance poet who commands attention before the words fall out of her mouth.  At 5’11” with a pink mohawk, this gal/boi scorpio dyke poet is hard to miss.  She’s read her social […]

July 11: A Fivestar and a Table Full ‘o Beer »

To kick off my first show as co-host, and I’m bringing you an extra special gift: my favorite local singer-songwriter, Fivestar, will be hitting the stage for your listening and toe-tapping pleasure. Expect kinky, funny, soulful songs about love and riding crops, and bring your sweet tooth for eye candy. Everyone who’s seen Fivestar perform […]

Honored to be Stepping Up »

You may have heard the rumors… Emchy had so much art in her life that she was exploding, and she gave some of it to me.  I’ll be stepping as the new Queer Open Mic co-host on July 11th, and I’m honored beyond articulation about this (although I did try to articulate it over here). […]

Working on it… »

Hey All, We’re building out this new blog/website to give Queer Open Mic a central home on the web. It might take awhile to get all the pieces in place, though, so please be patient. Leave a comment below if you have ideas for us. xo