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This Friday: the co-hosts are going to rock you. »

Due to unforeseen and inarguably significant events, Baruch’s not gonna be able to feature this Friday.  But we’ll have him back at the microphone really soon. And we’ve decided to bring you something EXTRA SUPER DUPER SPECIAL this Friday, to make up for it.  All of Queer Open Mic’s hosts, past and present, are coming […]

This Friday! Baruch! Baruch is on fire! »

Hey Queercats!  Did you miss us?  Have you been pining for a good dose of counterculture brilliance and beauty for the last month and a half?  Are you longing with deep gutteral moans at night for that ripe dose of good old fashioned sexydeviant spoken word, like mom used to write? Well put on your […]