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Hot Tubs for the Masses, Soap Burritos and Melvia Einstein, an Interview with Entirely Talia, our upcoming Musical Feature! »

Each month we try to do what we can to connect you more with our features, here is an interview we did with the talented musical feature Entirely Talia! Don’t miss the show this coming Friday! 1.    What is your favorite song? What are you listening to right now? I love Samson by Regina Spektor, […]

Audre Lorde, Franny Choi’s Mom, and Gandalf The White’s Powers combined. An interview with our October Spoken Word feature! »

1.     Favorite junk food? Does bourbon count as junk food?   2.      Name a writer you admire, or have learned a lot from? I learn something new every time Laura Brown-Lavoie gets on stage. Seriously, she’s been low-key smashing the dominant paradigm since we were in the spoken word collective together in college. Probably before […]

October 25th: The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring FRANNY CHOI and ENTIRELY TALIA »

Its October! And I for one am incredibly happy it is here, cause man who doesn’t love candy, and who doesn’t love Halloween?! But you know what we love more? – THE SAN FRANCISCO QUEER OPEN MIC!! Last month’s show went so well, so many folks signed up, we squeezed in about 18 into the […]