September 12: QOM Celebrates 4th Birthday with VAGABONDAGE

The Queer Open Mic is turning FOUR!  That’s right, we’ve survived our rambunctious touch-everything-and-scream-like-we’re-on-fire toddler years, and are transforming full-throttle into precocious loud-mouth know-it-alls.  But first, let’s have a birthday party!  And how better to celebrate than to have Vagabondage — a band spearheaded by our venue’s founder Cindy Emch — as our feature?


About Vagabondage

Walking the dirty streets of the big city and the farm towns, Vagabondage sings you tales of lonely alleyways, late night busrides and unfortunate incidents with spicy spicy food. Comprised of a poet, an actor, a storyteller, a ham, a vaudevillian, an accordion player, two guitar players, a kazoo player, and two singers, this duo will sing songs to make you laugh, cry, and raise your glass and sing along.

Check out their last performance at QOM…

Yep!  Ain’t no doubt, this night’s gonna make San Francisco one proud momma of an open mic.

So bring your cupcakes and raise your glass!

Photo: Vagabondage @ 515 Orchard Street – by Katrina James 2008
Video: “Raise Your Glass” by Vagabondage – by Guy Gayle 2008

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