October 24th: The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring ALLISON MOON!

And then the host got to the venue and they had booked a Log Cabin Republican meeting and forgot all about his show! And then all the regulars showed up wanting to do two pieces each, that went over ten minutes long! And then….the feature did not show up, till 1 minute before they had to go on, and they brought absolutely, no one! And then a performer said something horrifically offensive, then just left and audience took it out on the host by throwing chairs at him! And then, someone showed up an hour and a half late, and demanded to be put on the list, even though the list was full, and then they got on the list, but then went home and complained about the show on their blog, giving them a horrible review!

do you guys like that scary story?

Halloween is upon us, pumpkin everything upon us, which is fine, cause cinnamon and sugar taste awesome, go buy a pumpkin It’s It how folks! Oh and yeah IT IS TIME FOR THE SAN FRANCISCO QUEER OPEN MIC!!!!

BRING: Pumpkin gluten free cookies for everyone No really. Bring em. oh and your open queer hearts, your bravery, you vulnerability, friendship, listening, and have fun with us. Oh yeah, and your poems, your songs, your jokes, your short stories (we will cut you off if you go over time.) and or interpretive dance. Bring snacks, (poets, performers and bookstore workers like snacks), but nothing too messy please, we gotta help keep that bookstore clean. Did I mention pumpkin  gluten free cookies (I say that so that everyone can have one, we have a lot of celiac folks in the group.  Some people really are allergic to gluten DEAL WITH IT!)

REMINDER: We sometimes are flexible with this rule, but if you sign up for the open mic, that means that you are signing up to be a part of the whole  show, that means you stay for the whole thing.

SIGN UPS: show up on time if you want to be on the mic. 7pm is when the sign up list goes up, the show should start at 7:30pm, and remember it is FREE! With a suggested donation. List fills up fast so get there on time. But never fear, there is always an if we have time list. Signing up gets you 5 minutes to do 1 piece, and 1 piece only, we will stop you if you go over time. We will.

Oh and you can only do one piece. How many pieces? One. Oh, so that’s two short poems? No. That is one. Just one. Cuantos? Uno, solo uno.  A oui, combien du poems? Soulement un! Ein. Y’all get me?


Baruch and Blythe are very happy to bring you this month’s show, the feature is a very talented person we’ve known for  a long time, she is waaaaaay too cool for us, but she is a great person so she has decided to feature with us for one night only. We love her, she’s funny, she’s a storyteller, and educator, and she’s actually a really awesome person, oh and, and writes incredible novels!



 Allison Moon is the author of the Tales of the Pack series about lesbian werewolves. The first of the series, Lunatic Fringe, released in 2011. The sequel, Hungry Ghost, released in April of 2013.  An advocate for the democratic access to publishing tools, Allison self-published both novels under her Lunatic Ink imprint, while vlogging the process at 90s Days of Self Publishing. In 2011, Allison was named a Lambda Literary Emerging LGBT Authors Fellow and was a runner up for the Victoria Hudson Emerging Author Award. Allison is a fun and popular speaker and educator on the topics of independent publishing, sexuality, creativity, writing and social justice. Allison is also an accomplished sex educator who has taught her signature class How to Drive a Vulva (aka Girl Sex 101) across the country.

Queer Open Mic Featuring ALLISON MOON
Friday, October 24th
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
2919 24th Street in San Francisco!

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