Last Month’s Show


Last month the SF Queer Open Mic went very well, the feature was wonderful, the folks on the sign up list were great, but we had a situation where an audience member left very upset. The audience member was reacting to one of the jokes made by a comic on the sign up list. As co-hosts we did what we could in the moment, we stopped the show, went outside to make sure the audience member was okay, checked in with them to see if they needed to talk? The friend they were with that night asked us to give them space, so we respected that. We went back in to the bookstore and went on with the show. The person on the stage is a local comedian who always does a great set at our show. She is a regular, a past feature and a friend, who had a bad night, this happens sometimes, she felt awful about it right away and wanted to apologize to the audience member but they left by the time the comedian got off stage.

Here is a note from her

-At the October Show, I Morgan, made a joke that upset a woman in the audience. I had no way of knowing what that was going to bring up for her. I would like to apologize again for upsetting this young woman. I am deeply sorry as that is never my intent. My intent is to bring joy and or invoke thought.-

Since the show is an open mic, the co-hosts have no control over what the performers do on stage, we do what we can to provide a censorship free space (to a point) but we also don’t want to have our audience members go through a terrible experiences. We don’t have that audience members email address, so if hope that they see this, we hope they give us a second chance, and hope they are doing okay.


The San Francisco Queer Open Mic.

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