Novembe 21rst: The San Francsco Queer Open Mic featuring NA’AMEN GOBERT TILAHUN

The San Francisco Queer Open Mic is THIS FRIDAY!!! NovemberQOM2

Remember folks, the QOM in November and December are  during the third Friday of the month, not the fourth, due to the holidays.

BRING: Your open hearts, your bravery, your vulnerability, friendship, listening, and have fun with us. Oh yeah, and your poems, your songs, your jokes, your short stories (we will cut you off if you go over time.) and or interpretive dance. Bring snacks, (poets, performers and bookstore workers like snacks), but nothing too messy please, we gotta help keep that bookstore clean.

SIGN UPS: show up on time if you want to be on the mic. 7pm is when the sign up list goes up, the show should start at 7:30pm, and remember it is FREE! With a suggested donation. List fills up fast so get there on time. But never fear, there is always an if we have time list. Signing up gets you 5 minutes to do 1 piece, and 1 piece only, we will stop you if you go over time.

now for some info on our feature.

I met Na’amen when I went to a queer event in Oakland, he was one of the speakers and did a talk on people of color in Science Fiction/Fantasy genres that blew my mind, the audience loved what he had to say, and then I found out he is a writer, so I just had to invite him to the show! I can’t wait to listen to his work.

Reading @ World Ground CafeNA’AMEN GOBERT TILAHUN is a fiction writer and poet still struggling to own those
titles and unsure about what they really mean. He also writes essays
and makes a mean panna cotta.

Queer Open Mic Featuring NA’AMEN GOBERT TILAHUN
Friday, November 21rst.
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
2919 24th Street in San Francisco!

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