October 23rd: Featuring NCN!

OMG! I saw Autumn! There was a leaf! On a tree! And it was half yellow, half orange, and it was LAUGHING at me because it knew the rain was on its way.

I’m voting for thermoses of hot chocolate, big fuzzy blankets, and sitting really really close to the hot glittery new kid next to you at our next Queer Open Mic. And pumpkins. Pie-style.

We’ll be bringing another super-delicious treat… the yummy storyteller NCN, creator of the breath-catching “Tigerlad” (whom the lucky ones among us have already met and greedily eaten up and taken home to color happy sexy dreams). I can’t explain. You just have to come. It will make sense when you get here. There will be tigers. And sex.

tlad-portrait-copyAbout NCN
NCN is the stage name of a believer in collective liberation, hater of capitalism, and conductor of storytelling experiments for children and adults. Tigerlad, the baby donkey, and all NCN’s other characters (NCN personifies everything he sees) inhabit worlds where Newtonian physics and cause and effect logic have been replaced by desire, emotion, and SM fantasy.

Bring your notebook. The one you scribble in when your thinking hat is off. Tell us what you want in the dark.

Queer Open Mic featuring NCN
Friday, October 23, 2009
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street (at 20th) in San Francisco

p.s. We’re the fourth friday of the month, not “the last friday.” There are five fridays this month. Take heed! It’s the TWENTY-THIRD!

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