September 25: The San Francisco Queer Open MIic featuring MYA BYRNE

Blythe Baldwin and guest host WONDER DAVE for a night of fun and queer awesomeness!!

The Sign Up List

If you sign up, you have a 5 minute slot for 1 piece and 1 piece only!
Please note that you have to be present to sing up. You cannot sign up someone else. You cannot give up your spot on the list. You do not choose when you go up. Signing up gives you 5 minutes to do one piece and one piece only. WE WILL CUT YOU OFF IF YOU GO OVER TIME. and please please please, rules aside, HAVE FUN!!! and share and enjoy the queer space.

WHAT YOU GET: What you get is five minutes to shine! We love new stuff, unpolished, we love old stuff, polished show off, or take a chance, we support you whether it’s amazing or rough, as long as you’re not being a jerk.

The Space

We are a bookstore, not a theatre, or a venue, or a concert hall, so prepare for that. We only have one mic, if you need to set up an entire complex system of musical instruments, this might not work out for you. If you have one instrument and just need help hooking it up and doing a sound check, we would love to help you, and are up for that, if the time allows. All queer musicians, comedians, poets, singers, writers are welcome.

Some Boring Yet Important Rules
No drama. Really. Don’t be jerk, queer or not, no jerks. Straight identifying folks are welcome in the space, as long as they respect the queer space and understand we strive to be a feminist space. Straight identifying folks can also sign up to perform as long as they understand we give priority to queer artists, we do want you to join us and be a part of the experience, we are a queer space for everyone.


Recently relocated to San Francisco, Mya Byrne is a poet, award-winning performing songwriter, and activist. A proud trans woman, she established her solo folk-Americana career in 2012 after years of performing with roots-rock band, the Ramblers, opening for acts such as Levon Helm.
Mya’s been featured on many great festival and club stages across the country. Her first solo record hit #31 on the Cashbox charts, and the follow-up, As I Am, is out now. Her music and poetry have been featured in SingOut!, The Advocate, and CBS/
A 2015 Emerging Artist at the legendary Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Mya was recently named one of the “30 Most Promising Acts in NYC” by The Aquarian, chosen for official showcases at Folk Alliance conferences and NPR, was featured on an internationally syndicated public radio program on the transgender voice, and worked with major northeast universities on creating and presenting educational programs for queer and trans students. Her commentary on trans lives has been featured in the Advocate, Huffington Post, and on MSNBC.

Follow her at @myadriene and listen to the new record

If you have any pressing questions about the space, please feel free to contact us at

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