November 27: ForWord At The Mic!

Yes, yes, we know. The hot guy outside of Macy’s is already selling roasted chestnuts in red jeans, a wife beater, and a Santa hat while they sift fake snow over him from above the door. Don’t look. It just encourages them.

Actually, there’s a much cooler holiday coming up besides the one the Evangelists stole from the Pagans, and that’s the one where we celebrate self-righteous colonists stealing an entire continent from a bunch of smart, friendly tribes who were here first. But it makes sense, you know, because we had knickers, and they didn’t, so that made us better. And thus, we gather once a year with canned corn and frozen turkey to give thanks for our knickers and the superiority they endow upon us.

Okay, seriously folks. Thanksgiving is soon and Queer Open Mic is the DAY AFTER IT this year. Yes, that’s right! We are proudly gathering together to read our hot queer sexysex poetry at the microphone on the biggest shopping day of the year (at a bookstore, no less, so we can’t even claim to be anti-capitalist here.. but it’s a co-op, so that makes it okay) and YOU’RE COMING. Because you’re our family. And we’re thankful for you and your knickers.

Extra special treat? Mr. ForWord the hot gay slam poet who regularly rocks the Berkeley Slam will be gracing us with his hip-hop brilliance. Grab a good seat!


About ForWord

After being in the slam scene for 3 years, ForWord is still proving he has something to say. Born in the bay area and raised in Sacramento, he has been winning slams all over Northern California. A member of the 2008 Sacramento Slam Team and also a freestyle hip-hop lyricists, ForWord is not only breaking stereotypes with his controversial content, but is also gaining respect in communities that historically have not been supportive of artists of his nature. Early 2008 he was the first openly gay battle MC to win the grand prize at the popular Oakland venue “Tourrettes Without Regrets” and has won numerous battles throughout the valley and bay area. He has gone head to head with some of the nation’s top poets and was a fierce competitor in Modesto’s much acclaimed invitational “ILL LIST 5”. 2009 he was featured on 103.5 kbmb as one of “Sac’s Finest” and is in the process of recording his first album which is scheduled to be released later this year. You can find him on MySpace

Bring your leftovers.

Queer Open Mic featuring ForWord
Friday, November 27, 2009
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street (at 20th) in San Francisco


Please adjust your calendars now: Next month’s Queer Open Mic will be on the THIRD friday, December 18th, so as not to cramp Santa’s style.

Poster design by Carrie Gocker

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