October 23: The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring DAPHNE GOTTLIEB


Daphne Gottlieb RETURNS!

Daphne Gottlieb is coming back this month as our feature, and we couldn’t be happier. Legendary writer, performer, and award winner, Daphne Gottlieb represents everything that we love about San Francisco, and she has a new book!, Pretty Much Dead.  So join us this October 23, at Modern Times Bookstore for a very special THE SAN FRANCISCO QUEER OPEN MIC!

What to bring:

Your poems, your songs, your short stories make art, bring something to share with us. Signing up on the list gets you 5 minutes to do one piece and one piece only.

Your friends!

Your love for supporting queer local artists.

A HALLOWEEN COSTUME, no really, bring one, look how cute our hosts looked last year as Calvin and Hobbes!


hee hee ha

Notes on the space

We are a bookstore, not a theatre, or a venue, or a concert hall, so prepare for that, meaning we don’t have a green room, we only have one mic, if you need to set up an entire complex system of musical instruments, this might not work out for you. If you have one instrument and just need help hooking it up and doing a sound check, we would love to help you, and are up for that, if the time allows. All musicians, comedians, poets, singers, writers are welcome as long as they respect the queer space.

Some Boring Yet Important Rules

No drama. Really. Don’t be a jerk, queer or not, no jerks. Straight identifying folks are welcome in the space, as long as they respect the queer space and understand we strive to be a feminist space. Straight identifying folks can also sign up to perform as long as they understand we give priority to queer artists, we do want you to join us and be a part of the experience, we are a queer space for everyone.


now more on our amazing feature!

Daphne Gottlieb stitches together the ivory tower and the gutter just using her tongue. She is the award-winning author of ten books including the new collection of short stories, Pretty Much Dead. Previous works include Dear Dawn: Aileen Wuornos in her Own Words, a collection of letters from Death Row by the “first female serial killer” to her childhood best friend. She is also the author of five books of poetry, editor of two anthologies, and, with artist Diane DiMassa, the co-creator of the graphic novel Jokes and the Unconscious. She has relentlessly toured coast to coast. Daphne is the winner of the Acker Award for Excellence in the Avant-Garde, the Audre Lorde Award for Poetry, the Firecracker Alternative Book Award, and is a five-time finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. She lives in San Francisco.

Queer Open Mic Featuring DAPHNE GOTTLIEB
Friday, October 23 2015
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
2919 24th Street in San Francisco

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