November 20th: The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring BRANDON YOUNG

SF Queer Open Mic is the Third Friday this month! THIRD FRIDAY!


Remember 7pm sign ups, you get 5 mintues to do one piece and one piece only! 7:30, show, the show is FREE!! Join your hosts, Blythe Baldwin! and some dude named Baruch.
List fills up fast, so be present and on time at 7pm.

BRANDON YOUNG has lived in the Bay for six years and has been performing for five. Originally writing with UC Berkeley’s CalSLAM community, he has featured at and been published by the New Sh!t Show, and will be published this year in the Lit Slam’s Tandem Volume III. He writes about medicine and sex, and takes poetry very very seriously.




new to the open mic scene
never leave your house and don’ t have internet
have no common sense when you enter a queer space

Notes on the space
We are a bookstore, not a theatre, or a venue, or a concert hall, so prepare for that, meaning we don’t have a green room, we only have one mic, if you need to set up an entire complex system of musical instruments, this is not the right space for that.
If you have one instrument and just need help hooking it up and doing a sound check, we would love to help you, and are up for that, if the time allows. If you have a phone or ipod, bring a quarter inch adaptor!

All musicians, comedians, poets, singers, writers are welcome as long as they respect the queer space.

No drama.
Really. Don’t be a jerk, queer or not, no jerks.
We do not censor you, but we do not tolerate people showing up to just fuck with our audience.

Straight identifying folks are welcome in the space, as long as they respect the queer space and understand we strive to be a feminist space.

Straight identifying folks can also sign up to perform as long as they understand we give priority to queer artists, we do want you to join us and be a part of the experience, we are a queer space for everyone.

Comics: All queer comics are welcome, please come! Straight comics are also welcome.
BUUUUUUT, We need you guys to understand this is not a comedy venue, we need you to join us and be a part of the experience and stay for the whole thang if you are signing up. Feel the audience and let them laugh with you, if you bomb, and take it out on the audience, Baruch might not put you on the list the month after that. Remember, punch up. If you don’t know what that is, ask Baruch or Blythe if you get to the space early. But, I mean, yeah, we are a feminist space, if you show up with nothing but jokes about how you think women are crazy and make fun of sex workers, people who are disabled, people who are homeless, Baruch and Blythe will whole heartedly lead the crowd in booing you off stage. If you feel that you have to, have to be an edgy funny person, and make offensive jokes, well, make sure they’re good. If you actually make our audience laugh. We will ask you to come back every time!
Sincerley, Baruch.
p.s. if you have any questions about this email Baruch at

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