January 22nd: The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring ELLIOTT DELINE


Join us for our first SF Queer Open Mic of 2016!

Whoa, does that sound futuristic, or what? We hope you all had a safe, fun, wonderful winter time stuff, whatever you celebrate or hold dear, and want to say to you HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Join us on Friday the 22nd at everyone’s favorite bookstore to welcome our feature ELLIOTT DELINE!

What to bring:

Your poems, your songs, your short stories! Please actually make some art, bring something you can share with us. Signing up on the list gets you 5 minutes to do one piece and one piece only.

Your friends!

Your love for supporting queer local artists.

Sign ups are at 7:00 sharp, signing up gets you 5 minutes to do one piece, and one piece only. We will stop you if you go over time.

Show is FREE!

We have a long list of rules, if you want them email Baruch at baruchporras@gmail.com not knowing the rules will not excuse you from breaking them. Simple break down:No jerks. No drama. Really, don’t be a jerk, queer or not, no jerks. We do not censor you, but we do not tolerate people showing up to just fuck with our audience.

Our mission is to support local and traveling queer artists and provide some free queer entertainment in this super expensive mutating city, and not like in the good way like the XMen, but in the bad way like Monsanto. Or Donald Trump.

now more on our feature!

book elliott deline

Elliott DeLine is a transgender writer who escaped Syracuse, NY to live in a traveling motorhome with his queer chosen family and their two cats. He is the author of the novel Refuse, the novella I Know Very Well How I Got My Name, and his latest, Show Trans. In 2015, he was voted “Author of the Year” by readers of FTM Magazine. His essays and excerpts have been featured publications such as in The New York Times, The Collection from Topside Press, Original Plumbing Magazine, QED, The Advocate, and The Body is Not an Apology.  Elliott is the founder and former vice president of the non-profit CNY for Solidarity as well as the lead coordinator of Queer Mart, an LGBTQ artist and crafts fair in Syracuse, NY.  He is also a visual artist, songwriter, friend to all animals, and an avid swimmer in all bodies of water. He is 27 years old. Website: elliottdeline.com Patreon: patreon.com/elliottdeline 


Queer Open Mic Featuring ELLIOT DELINE
Friday, January 22nd 2016
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
2919 24th Street in San Francisco



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