Ten Things We Love About AZUAH! An interview with our musical guest!

interview azuahLets learn about our February Feature!

Hi guys, Baruch here, surviving in the bay as a queer artist is hard work. Exhausting work. But those of us that are still here, are making it work! The life keeps us busy, but not too busy to catch up with our excellent musical guest for February, Azuah! She’s new to our SF Queer Open Mic  community so I thought, let’s do a quick little interview to get a small preview of how awesome she is.

  1. Favorite type of donut?     I’m a simple girl, glaze me!
  1. When did you start playing music? What made you an artist? When did you decide to do that?      I started playing guitar when I was 14, and figured out I could sing when I was 17. So about 10 years? I think what made me an artist was my dad. He loves music so much and that love has definitely passed onto me, except I am musically inclined (sorry dad). I can thank my grandma for that, she can sing too. I decided to become an artist when I was around 22, I was playing guitar for a friend and when he decided to move to LA, I realized that I needed to start writing songs myself and it’s been a great learning experience since. 
  1. Who is your favorite musician right now? Famous? Not famous and local?      Currently my favorite musician is Miguel. I’m totally in love with his singing style. Plus, his message of being a wild heart and doing what you want no matter what anyone thinks is beautiful.   As for local artists, Bang Data is great. I grew up knowing the drummer of the band, Juan Manuel Caipo, a friend of my dad. Their combination of rock, hip hop, and Latin influence always make for a brilliant live show.
  1. What are your goals as a musician?      Ultimately I would love to be a touring musician. Release an album, play around the country/world performing on all the radio shows, festivals, and tiny desk concerts I watch my favorite artists play.
  1. How do you get in the mood, rituals, space to write music and do what you do?     I’m still trying to figure this out. Usually I just lock myself in my room and just jam until I write something.
  1. Do you like Tacos? Where do you go for tacos?      Does the pope shit in the woods? Do bears wear dresses? Wait…    My favorite spot is Taqueria Vallarta in the mission. Shout out to my friend Sally for showing me that magical place!
  1. If you could work/collaborate with a local music celeb who would it be?      I really would love to work with Sabrina Mai from No Vacation. She’s such an amazing talent, and that voice! I’ve known her for a few years now and she’s just getting better and better. I wanna be in a band with her and Megan Maurer from Edwards Crossing and just harmonize all day long!
  1. Where can people follow your work? Give us all, we want to help create new fans for you. 






  1. What is something you struggle with, or love about being an an artist?     I love the struggle of writing a song. I love finding trouble to get into for the sake of art. It’s emotionally exhausting, but it’s such a fascinating experience and totally worth it.
  1. Favorite Super hero?     My mom.

Don’t miss Azuah, this fourth Friday at The San Francisco Queer Open Mic, FREE at Modern Times Bookstore. Show starts at 7:30 PM, sign ups at 7:00 PM, the bookstore is found on 2919 24th Street easy walk from the 24th Street Bart Station. Also don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook, click going! It makes us (well, Baruch really,) feel special! Click click!


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