June 24th: The San Francisco Queer Open Mic Featuring BEN MCCOY!


If you love Ben McCoy as much as we do, you BETTER COME to this show!

Cause it will mostly likely be her last show in San Francisco. Ben McCoy is is a writer, performance artist, poet, comic, performer, and entertainer who for the past ten years has made San Francisco one of the best places to live. McCoy’s writing is splattered all over the internet like privilege over a gaggle of drunk Marina Girls on a Saturday night. She’s been published in several anthologies and has toured the country twice with the legendary Sister Spit. She played Pussy in DavEnd’s sold out smash hit F.A.G.G.O.T.S. the Musical. She played Dr. Zebrovski in HOUR OF POWER at Counter Pulse, and has the most interesting Facebook posts out there. When she’s not on-stage or in the bedroom, you used to be able to find her on her preferred throne, a barstool near you, but soon that barstool will be in another city, so you gotta come to the SFQOM to see Miss McCoy one last time before she departs.

PLEASE PLEASE NOTE: Because we want people to be able to go to both our show and the Trans March we will be starting late! Sign ups will be at 8 PM, and the actual show will be at 8:30 PM. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

What to bring: Your poems, your songs, your short stories! Please actually make some art, bring something you can share with us. Bring your friends, and your love for supporting queer local artists!
Show is FREE!
Rules, we are a freedom of speech space but don’t be an asshole.


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