September 23rd: The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring J.K. FOWLER!


Join us on Friday the 23 for J.K. Fowler!

J.K. Fowler is a literary powerhouse in the East Bay and somehow we’ve coaxed him to cross the bay to show us his literary goodness. He’s amazing, talented, and very charming. Do not miss his feature with us at the queer open mic everybody loves! We’ve been going at this for over ten years folks, The SF Queer Open Mic, for queers, lesbians, bisexuals, trans folks, genderqueers, non binary, nongender, gay men, and the queers that love them! Come support queer arts at a show that is free!

What to bring: Your poems, your songs, your short stories! Please actually make some art, bring something you can share with us. Bring your friends, and your love for supporting queer local artists!

Sign ups are at 7:00 sharp, signing up gets you 5 minutes to do one piece, and one piece only.

So we will repeat this, one piece only, if you have five little three line poems. You only get to read one of them.

We will stop you if you go over time

Straight people are welcome as long as they respect the queer space.

Show is FREE! Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook so that we can feel special!

Rules: We have a long list of rules if you need them email and he will send them to you. Basically we are a freedom of speech space, just don’t be an asshole.

NOW FOR MORE ON OUR FEATURE J.K Fowler is the founder and executive director of Nomadic Press, a literary and arts non-profit with bases in Oakland, CA, and Brooklyn, NY> He teaches courses in the sociology and anthropology department at Rutgers University Newark on issues deviance, privilege, postcolonialism, and conceptions of work. In 2017, he will be building the Write to Wages Cafe which will be a worker centric Nomadic Press venture with MK Chavez, in Uptown Oakland.


Queer Open Mic Featuring J.K. FOWLER!
Friday, September 23rd 2016
7 PM sign-ups, show at 7:30 PM
Modern Times Bookstore
2919 24th Street in San Francisco

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