Friday, April 23rd: featuring CAMP OUT!

It’s SUNNY OUTSIDE!  Have you been to Dolores Park? I was there this morning with my iced venti mocha latte machiattayadayada surrounded by scantily clad tattooed and pierced genderbending queers, and it suddenly dawned on me — like a purple paisley rabbit-shaped vinyl purse flying through the air and hitting me in the head out of nowhere — Oh yeah!  Right!  QUEER OPEN MIC!!!

April’s a sneaky-tricky 5-friday month, and us being a fourth-friday event means the next open mic is actually THIS FRIDAY, April 23rd.  But that’s not even the most exciting news.  The most exciting news is that our feature is a BAND.  Like, with an electric guitar and drums.  And we’re putting ’em in a bookstore.  This friday night.  Because we’re a wild bunch of queers who can.

camp-outFeaturing: Camp Out

A 2 piece female band out of San Francisco, Camp Out is an indie/folk/pop band who makes up for their short roster by multi-tasking with instruments, pedals, drum machines, loop stations, syths, etc. With the depth and emotion of Death Cab and the charm and likeability of Tegan and Sara, Camp Out has been wooing fans all over San Francisco, in addition to their large fanbase on myspace. After a great response from their garage-recorded demo-cd, they went to work on a full-length studio-quality independent release which came out March 15, 2010.

Camp Out has played such venues as El Rio, Hotel Utah, El Rincon, House of Shields, Retox Lounge and is set to go on a west coast tour in June of 2010.

Queer Open Mic featuring Camp Out
Friday, April 23, 2010
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street (at 20th) in San Francisco

We’ve been having a killer stream of high-energy shows, so please do yourself a massive favor and COME PLAY!

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