Friday June 25, Queer Open Mic Featuring Genderfork!

What are you doing on your computer? Why are you inside? Don’t you know that it’s JUNE people?!

This is the month-of-months! As if San Francisco wasn’t a great place to be queer any time of the year, in June we straight up take over! From marches to the Frameline Festival to the National Queer Arts Festival, there are so many things to do there’s just NO REASON for you to be sitting on your computer.

Unless, of course, you just ducked in to find out who you’ll be seeing at June’s over-the-top, completely-fantastical Queer Open Mic. In which case, good choice! We salute you!

In the glorious summer evening of June 25th, some of the amazing folks of behind Genderfork, the web’s home for all things gender variant – including G-fork founder and one-and-only Queer Open Mic co-host Sarah Dopp – will take the stage to dazzle and amaze you!

And we brought ’em in for you. Because we know that it can be hard to decide what you want to do, with all the amazing events going on in June. So we went ahead and made this one easy for you.

We’ll see you there.

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About Genderfork
Performing: Sarah Dopp, Tanner, Dana Morrigan, and Jamie Arr!, the pirate with the purple-paisley peg-leg!

Genderfork is a community expression project about non-traditional gender identities.  It was founded by Sarah Dopp, it’s run by a global staff of volunteers, and it gives voice to thousands of beautiful gender nonconforming people from all over the world.  This will be a special reading of intensely personal, punch-you-in-the-gut confessions, manifestos, and anonymous secrets from the project, representing a broad spectrum of experiences from across the gender smorgasbord.  You can visit the full project at

Queer Open Mic featuring Genderfork!
Friday, June 25, 2010
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street (at 20th) in San Francisco

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