A message from Baruch…

Dear Friends

I am calling out to all of you to reach out to a Queer Youth, I’m not going to bore you with details, you all know why.

Reach out to a Queer Youth. I know, I know, “Baruch I don’t have the time.” Then at least tell them about The San Francisco Queer Open Mic.

If you have a friend, or a younger sibling, or a neighbor or an extended family member, or an acquaintance, that is young and queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans gender, bring them on down, or just tell them about it.

We are a positive energy, freedom of speech, all ages, alcohol free, space for the Queer Community and Straight Allies. We’re at a Bookstore! A perfect spot for folks under 21 to come hang out, watch the show, or even sign up to express themselves for 5 minutes. Most importantly, in my last two years hosting the Queer Open Mic, I have seen lots of things, crazy performers, electrifying poems, vulnerable songs, but I have never seen fear.

We work hard to create a safe space. All of our performers, specially our features have all been courageous. I feel that is what our queer youth needs to see right now, real folks, not on television, local folks they can catch with, being fearless.

When Queer Open Mic was looking for a new space after we lost the 3Dollar Bill Café, I scouted several bars that could fit our event, but Sarah Dopp stopped me. Said it was important for her to hold the Queer Open Mic at a space where Queer Teenagers or folks under 21 could feel welcome at. There are so few social spaces for young folks, especially queer ones. Now after almost two years of holding the event at the bookstore, I feel it was the best thing to happen to us.

So I am calling out to all of you to help me spread the word that The San Francisco Queer Open Mic is a safe place for Queer Youth, text them, call them, connect with a Queer Youth and bring them to the event, or just let them know where its at.

Cause it may not get better for everyone, but it gets better for the ones that fight enough. We are all masters of our own universe, this is a great big beautiful world. We can’t let the assholes enjoy all the great things that are here and are yet to come in the future.

My fellows homos, think of where you were back in the day before you came out, and think about how much things have changed for the better, as pessimistic as you may want to be, things have gotten better.
Lets keep it going. Bring them kids to the Queer Open Mic!

They can’t just sit in their rooms listening to Lady GaGa all day! You can only watch so much True Blood before it makes you sick to your stomach and forces you to go for a walk in the sunlight thanking the lord you are not a Vampire.

See you at the Queer Open Mic

Baruch Porras-Hernandez
San Francisco Queer Open Mic Co-Coordinator.

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