April 22nd: Queer Open Mic with Liz Prescott!

Ours is an ever changing world. Sometimes we’re in control of the change, sometimes we just have to accept it and adapt. Sometimes we anticipate change with joy and excitement, other times with dread. Sometimes, we don’t anticipate it at all – it just happens. And that can be scary.

This April, Queer Open Mic is being brave and joyous in the face of change. The Modern Times bookstore, which has so generously hosted us these past few years, has been forced to pack up its books and find itself a new home. It shall close it’s current doors by April 30th, and so the 22nd show will be our last in this beloved space.

REST ASSURED: Queer Open Mic WILL continue. We will be performing someplace new and wonderful in May – we just don’t know where that is yet. We will let you know just as soon as we get it figured out. But the show will unquestionablygo on!

We send lots of hope and love to the Modern Times Collective, and can’t wait to see where and how they’ll land. Find out more about their situation and plans at moderntimesbookstore.com/moving.

In the meantime, we shall bid our fond farewells, and draw inspiration from this month’s fantastic feature. Liz Prescott learned early to face her fears head-on, crafting them into honest, physical, intense poems and causes for celebration.

This month at Queer Open Mic, face your fears and celebrate with us!

Liz Prescott

About Liz Prescott
Liz’s poetry is physical – rooted in the body, in experiences that can be touched, felt, and seen. It can be sexy, painful, tragic, or grotesque. “My first poetry teacher told me that he could always tell what a writer was afraid of because they would write around it,” Liz says. “So now, whenever I catch myself writing around something, avoiding something, I deliberately push myself into that space.”

Liz was a semi-finalist in Capturing Fire, the first national, queer poetry slam. She has featured previously at the original Busboys and Poets, *Sparkle* a queer driven open mic at the 5th and K location, and The Garden open mic at Bloombars.

She’s a board member of Mothertongue, a spoken word open mic by women for women; a planning committee member of Small is Beautiful, an arts collective that promotes local artists; and a founding member of the Small is Beautiful writing workshop.

She lives in DC where she plays a mean bass guitar and works for a group that advocates for healthcare reform, giving voice to those who will benefit directly from system change.
Find out more about Liz at lizprescott.wordpress.com.

Queer Open Mic featuring Liz Prescott!
Friday, April 22, 2011
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street (at 20th) in San Francisco

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