Honored to be Stepping Up

Sarah DoppYou may have heard the rumors… Emchy had so much art in her life that she was exploding, and she gave some of it to me.  I’ll be stepping as the new Queer Open Mic co-host on July 11th, and I’m honored beyond articulation about this (although I did try to articulate it over here).

QOM has been a deeply special part of my life for the last year and a half.  I’ve been going religiously to share my poetry, hang out with friendly artists, and bask in the lineup of performers that is always always always ecclectic and inspiring.  I’ve never fallen so deeply in love with a venue.  This mic is special.

So I’m kicking my new role off by creating this site (my day job is website development — handy, huh?).  I hope to fill it with performance updates and links to all of our incredible community members.  (But bear with me while I get it running right… like all of us, my free time is limited.)

Please drop me a note if you have suggestions, and I look forward to seeing you at the mic!

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