August 26th: Queer Open Mic with James Siegel

Oh San Francisco. What were we complaining about? The need for an extra layer or two? The way knit hats are still fashionable in mid-Summer?

At least we still have the option of drinking our coffee hot. At least nobody has warned us to stay in-doors and avoid the risk of “heat-related injury.” As the country’s weather-map turns an angry fever-red, the Bay Area’s constant micro-climate, chilly by some standards, has become an oasis of livability.

In San Francisco, we expect to feel smug about our weather in January. Getting to do so in August is icing on the cake, really. But though our climate is constant, our citizens are less so. We have ups, and downs, and a lot of us – like this month’s feature – blew in from someplace far away, like the fog blows in from the bay (too much? we never know…)

Come down to Queer Open Mic this month, ye transplants, ye wanderers, ye inconstant companions, ye drama queens and drag queens, ye joyful and mad, and share your the stories of how life, unlike San Francisco’s weather, can really be all-the-fuck-over-the-place.

We’ll see you there.

James J. Siegel looks at a window

About James Siegel

James J. Siegel is a San Francisco poet by way of Ohio. He is the director of GuyWriters, an organization that works to shine a spotlight on established and up-and-coming gay writers in the Bay Area. As a transplant from Ohio, he developed his first chapbook “Ghost of Ohio.” Many of the poems in the chapbook have appeared in literary journals including The Cortland Review, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, The Fourth River, Blueline and many more. He also has a poem forthcoming in the book Diving Divas which is set for publication in February 2012.

Queer Open Mic featuring James Siegel!
Friday, August 26, 2011
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
2919 24th Street in San Francisco

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