November 18: Queer Open Mic with Morgan!

What, really, is there to be thankful for in November? Are we thankful for the commercialism of the Holiday Season creeping ever closer? Are we thankful that it’s suddenly getting dark at 4:00 pm? Are we thankful for the onrushing flood of unneeded calories, the extra strain on our wallets? Mostly Thanksgiving seems to serve as a bitter remembrance of just how poorly the early European settlers behaved to their rather more gracious native hosts.

There’s nothing so great about November, but that doesn’t mean that we should poo-poo Thanksgiving. Giving thanks is awesome. There IS a lot to be grateful for – in November, in May – any time of the year. Whether you’re thankful for your new dance class or for your best friend of 20 years, for the sudden availability of pumpkin muffins or for the optimism of the Occupy Movement, for biodiversity or size twelve platform shoes, there’s never a bad day to stand up and say it.

This Friday, November 18, a week early because a lot of us do give thanks together in big groups a week from Thursday, eat to much and then need to spend all Friday on the couch recovering, come on down to Queer Open Mic and tell us what you’re thankful for.

About Morgan:

“Transgendered superhero” She should really get a cape if people are going to keep using that line. Stand up Comedian, and X union iron worker. Morgan has preformed at the Punch Line Comedy Club in San Francisco and Gotham Comedy Club in NYC.she now lives in San Francisco and just did a show titled “Hold still I want to tell you a story” as a prelude to her one woman show that will be happening sometime in the fall here in the city.
Morgan is always enjoyable never predictable
and quite the truth teller…
Find her @

Queer Open Mic Featuring Morgan
Friday, November 18
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
2919 24th Street in San Francisco

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