May 25th: The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring Natalia Miner and special guest Dazié Rustin Grego

I don’t know about y’all but I am sure glad April is over! And now thank Madow it’s MAY!! – time for another SAN FRANCISCO QUEER OPEN MIC!

Once again we are at the lovely Borderlands Cafe that treats us so well! We love them. Join Blythe Baldwin, my street team ninja co-host and the rest of the queeros for a lovely night of openmic goodness!

Rules below! -but first our feature and special guest!


I first met Natalia back when we were two completely different people. Once upon a time, in a land far far away, I was a full time actor. One of the last full length plays I was cast in was called The Breeze at Dawn, I was cast as Reza, and the beautiful awesome, actress playing my wife was Natalia! Our chemistry was incredible, cause we got along right away, and we were both queer. Flash forward years into the future and now I’m working hard to pursue a career as a performance poet, and Natalia has transformed into an amazing singer songwriter!  Natalia has been described as an Urban hippie songstress.  A friend once said she’d be the lesbian love child of Liz Phair and Hazel Dickens. Her lyrics will snatch your attention as you find your head bobbing to melodies backed by Mandi (her mandolin). You may have also seen her on stage with Conspiracy of Venus, The Secrets, and/or Raven Marcus. Natalia is a San Francisco native who spent 10 formative years just outside of Paradise Valley in the Big Sky State.


If you were at the Open Mic several months ago when Dazie came and performed, you probably were blown out of your chair, just like I was. I’ve known about this incredibly performance artist for quite some time and I’m very happy he’s going to come give us a little sneak peak at some of his work and get us ready for when he features in the near future. He is the creator of two separate collections of poetry Picking My Toes On A Monday Night and Light. Dazié went on to the Experimental Performance Institute at New College San Francisco where he received his Bachelors of Arts in Queer Activist Performance in 2006. Since attending New College Dazié has created several one man shows which included “Where is Adam?” “Three” “The Changer and The Changed and most recently “ I AM A MAN” an exploration of gay masculinity. All of Dazié’s work rely’s heavily on spoken word, dance and music creating beautifully layered multidisciplinary performances.

THE RULES are the same folks =)

SAME QUEER LIST list goes up at 7:00pm folks, it fills up fast so get there on time.

SAME QUEER RULES signing up gets you a slot to do 1 piece and 1 piece only.

That’s 5 mintues to perform 1 piece and 1 piece only.

We will stop you if you go over time.

not enough room on the sign up list, got there late? don’t freak out! Ask politely to be put on the if we have time list, and if we have time, we’ll squeeze you in during the lightning round. If we don’t have time, don’t throw a fit, just show up on time next month and we’ll get you on the list.

coming up next month:


next month The San Francisco Queer Open Mic is going to be a part of


We are having a huge show called THE SUPER QUEER OPEN MIC to celebrate PRIDE for all, and the milestone of this wonderful open mic and what it does for the queer community. With the amazing AMY DENTATA and DANA MORRIGAN featuring for the first time! And Special guests DAPHNE GOTTLIEB and REGIE CABICO! So get ready and clear your calendars June 22nd the night is QUEER AS FUCK! and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

more info to come. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for inquiries please e-mail

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