July 27:The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring Brent Calderwood at The Museum of Performance and Design!!

Hey QOMers! I’m trying that out, it means people who regularly come to The San Francisco Queer Open Mic,  QOMers! hahaha!


I’m still walking on gay sunshine(cause I’m gay and that’s okay) from how successful our show was last month, what a great festival and show, the features were fantastic and I could not be happier, lets do it again next year! Well, we’re working on it, wish us luck with the grant writing process. My lovely co-host Blythe Baldwin is getting knee deep in grant writing shenanigans and hopefully will score us a spot in the National Queer Arts Festival next year.

Till then back to normal Queer Open Mic business!

Happy July! Happy summer, lets get our poetry on with our sexy fantastic feature for July BRENT CALDERWOOD!

ALSO! Very important, the show this month is at a new venue again, in our constant search for a permanent home we will be trying out a new space at The Museum of Performance and Design. The lovely folks there have opened their space to us and are going to let us try it out to see if we will fit there permanently. It is a great space, lots of room for everyone, a big stage, accessible to everyone, and it is close to Bart!

Here is their address, 401 Van Ness Avenue 4th Floor Suite 402 in San Francisco at the Veterans Building.

please spread the word that there will be a new venue this month.


Now lets learn more about our feature.


I’ve known Brent for quite a while. He is a gifted poet, musician, editor and all around awesome guy. I met him through a Guywriter’s event and his work has impressed me ever since. I’m very happy he is finally featuring with us at SFQOM. Brent Calderwood is Literary Editor for A&U Magazine and Associate Editor for Lambda Literary. His poems have appeared in American Poetry Journal, Poets & Artists, The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, Bloom, and The Southern Poetry Anthology. His debut collection, The God of Longing, will be published in 2013.

Friday July 27th, SAME QUEER TIME 7:30 NEW VENUE!!!  Museum of Performance and Design

SAME QUEER LIST list goes up at 7:00pm folks, it fills up fast so get there on time.

SAME QUEER RULES signing up gets you a slot to do 1 piece and 1 piece only.

That’s 5 mintues to perform 1 piece and 1 piece only.


see you there my lovely QOMers!


Baruch Porras-Hernandez – Head Organizer/Curator

Museum of Performance and Design

Veterans Building, Civic Center

401 Van Ness, Suite 402, 4th Floor

San Francisco CA, 94102

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