September 28th:The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring Josh Merchant with musical guests Orchid and Hound!

The fun never stops at the Queer Open Mic, I am pleased to announce our September features not just cause they are incredibly talented, but they are also hooooooooooooot!

Come join us at this incredible new space and share your love, poems, songs, comedy and hey interpretive dance, why not? Lets keep the queer spirit rolling people, see you this Friday the 28th! Same awesome place. The Museum of Performance and design is easy to get to  from Civic Center Bart, is fully accessible and run by some lovely folks!

Now our features!


Our Spoken Word feature is a very talented writer performer, I am very pleased to feature Mr. Josh Merchant and cannot wait for his feature, you may remember him from a past Queer open mic, when he showed up at the end and wowed everyone, made the whole room cry with his powerful poem.

Joshua Merchant is a writer, activist, and native of East Oakland. In 2011, he won the title of Youth Speaks champion and represented the Bay Area at Brave New Voices. Later that year, he became the Berkeley Slam’s youngest Individual World Poetry Slam (IWPS) representative. He recently made his first adult poetry slam team and  represented Golden State Slam’s (GSS) first venues in the 2012 National Poetry Slam.


I have known the boys from Orchid and Hound for a very long time, almost 5 years ago, I agreed to do a queer art festival I had never heard of, with artists I had never heard of, at a gay men’s health clinic. I went and the show went incredibly well, AND I got to meet the wonderful duo John Constantine and Lawrence Alarcon = ORCHID AND HOUND. They played at the end of the festival and killed it. They shot their love arrow of music right through my heart and I’ve been working hard to share their art with the world whenever I can ever since.

Since it’s conception, local SF duo Orchid and Hound has been playing gigs around SF, LA, Austin and Berlin. After fan-funding the production of their first record, they paired with composer Ryan Scott Oliver to arrange their debut album. The Boyfriend was released on August 14, and includes 9 songs that traces their lives as two twenty-somethings living in the city by the bay.

Now last but not least, we will be doing a special showing of MC Crumbsnatcher’s new video Lets get to Humpin! Alex Crumbsnatcher is also a boy I’ve known for a very long time. He’s been coming to the queer open mic for like ever, and featured with us last year. His rap career is now taking off and his music video is awesome, so we are doing a special showing of it at the Open mic, do not miss it! He also might make a special appearance. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

can’t wait for the show? Go here to get a sneaky peek at his video! lets get to humpin

Friday September  28th, SAME QUEER TIME 7:30 NEW VENUE!!!  Museum of Performance and Design

SAME QUEER LIST list goes up at 7:00pm folks, it fills up fast so get there on time.

SAME QUEER RULES signing up gets you a slot to do 1 piece and 1 piece only.

That’s 5 minutes to perform 1 piece and 1 piece only


see you there my lovely QOMers!


Baruch Porras-Hernandez – Head Organizer/Curator

Museum of Performance and Design. Veterans Building, Civic Center, 401 Van Ness, Suite 402, 4th Floor, San Francisco CA, 94102

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