April 26th: The San Francisco Queer Open Mic featuring Nic Alea! Musical Guest Tina and Her Pony

YO! S’up QOMers! (That’s short for Queer Open Micers, get with it)

APRIL is going to be pretty damn amazing cause we got a super local poet, who is also an organizer and is also a great person. AAAAND an out of town musical guest, oooooooooh I cannot wait for this musical duo,

are you tired of hearing how great SFQOM is?

Are you tired of seeing all the cool pictures of people having fun at the SFQOM?

then stop being a whiner AND COME!!! WOOOO!

Same Queer time 7:30pm Please join your hosts, BLYTHE BALDWIN and me, BARUCH PORRAS-HERNANDEZ

Same Queer list! List goes up at 7pm, please arrive on time, the bookstore needs us to end on time, so if we have an if we have time list, it will be very short.

Same Queer rules: You get 5 minutes to do one piece and one piece only. WE WILL STOP YOU if you go over time. No apologies, those are the rules.

FREE with suggested donation!
Modern Times Bookstore 2919 24th Street, San Francisco, California 94110, come buy a book, support local queer artists and give Blythe and Me a hug!
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Featured Poet

is a bay area based poet. they co-host an open mic called new poetry mission: the new shit show which focuses on the production of new work. they also help facilitate a creative writing workshop at solano juvenile detention center with the beat within. Nic has been published in word riot, >kill author, the evergreen review, and some other cute places. Nic is a 2012 lambda literary fellow, will be performing in the National Queer Arts Festival in June and recently published their third chapbook, no trees, all pianos. Nic can be found at nicalea.tumblr.com

Musical Guest

With warm smiles and honest simplicity, Tina & Her Pony bring a unique sound to the American folk tradition, featuring original songs that echo the sound of Appalachia, while creating new waves with radical, queer lyrics, uncommon instrumentation and vocals tighter than your mamas’ brazier. Tina & Her Pony formed in Asheville, N.C. in 2009 following the chance meeting of Tina Collins (tenor banjo, tenor ukulele, guitar, vocals) and Quetzal Jordan (cello, guitar, vocals). Collins and Jordan spent two years holed up in the high desert mountain town of Taos, New Mexico, making music and friends, and becoming one of the iconic artist colony’s most beloved performing acts. Tina & Her Pony are now more than half way through an eighteen month tour that will take the band through the entire United States.

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