Friday, July 24: Brittney Shepherd!

Heeeeyyyyyy!  Hey hey!


We have really good news!

You know that gorgeous regular of ours who always knows the magical incantation to make all of our microphones work even when they’re completely broken, and who secretly makes big movies when nobody’s looking, and who spits hot luscious stories about women and love and love and sex and women and other things that make us shiver? You know the one.  Brittney.


Well, we’ve got her.  For a whole feature.  It’s gonna be like that time when you paid for exquisite pleasure and no cops were around, except this time it’ll be legal, and the donation part is optional.


About Brittney
Brittney Shepherd started writing poetry as a child. A one-time silence addict and cryptic wordsmith, Brittney learned to harvest a voice on paper. She grew up in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles where she learned her appreciation for warm nights and idle thought balloons. Later, as a student at UC Berkeley, she published more personal poems in local magazines and street corners. Forging her love of film and storytelling and surviving after college, Brittney went on to teach digital storytelling to youth in the Bay Area for the past three years with the Film Arts Foundation and Streetside Stories. Currently, she spends her time making documentary films and is the Associate Producer of GroundSpark’s film Straightlaced—How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up, a intimate dialog with high schoolers about gender roles and gender expectations. She is also the Associate Producer of the upcoming film A Village Called Versailles, which will screen on PBS’s series Independent Lens in Spring 2010. The cumulus clouds in her brain keep her writing and afloat.

We’re in for a treat! Come play!

Queer Open Mic featuring Brittney Shepherd
Friday, July 24, 2009
7pm sign-ups, show at 7:30
Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street (at 20th) in San Francisco

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