I’m still glowing from the spectacular show we just had tonight. WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!!

This is Mollena Williams, she ran and co-hosted the show with founder Cyndi Emch for about 4 years, before stepping down to be a famous professional pervert, then passing the hat down to Sarah Dopp and me. It was a huge honor to have her back as a guest co-host, we were a great pair, and she was hilarious.

Queer Open Mic 041

The Modern Times Bookstore, our home and venue was paaacked, so many people came!! So awesome!!



Queer Open Mic 032

This lovely lady Christine Keating did an awesome job at starting us off with a really funny song about the be quiet game.



Ash brought some awesome poeticness.

Queer Open Mic 022


Justin Bagnal has been coming to the QueerOpenMic for years now, his stuff gets better and better, and tonight he was a big help. The show could not have happened without him.

Queer Open Mic 029

this piece was awesome.

Queer Open Mic 031

The GREAT Dana Morrigan brings some NEW SHIT!

Queer Open Mic 021

Greg Pond doing his thing.

Queer Open Mic 058

Always a pleasure to have the great Sam Sax at the show!! He was great, as always.

Queer Open Mic 040

all the way from Thailand, Dhami Boo

Queer Open Mic 061

one of the last writers of the evening. What a great night.

Queer Open Mic 062

And then Nic Alea came on stage and was truly fantastic. What a great set, they took the audience for a lovely, powerful, ride.

Queer Open Mic 046

Queer Open Mic 048

Then Tina & Her Poni did their musical set, and it felt like a scene from a movie for me. They were both so amazing, and cute, and funny, and their music, was truly incredible. It was one of the best musical performances I’ve ever seen at Modern Times.


Queer Open Mic 054

Queer Open Mic 056

Queer Open Mic 050


what a great show. Don’t miss next month’s QUEER OPEN MIC

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