Watch your host and the increble guest host both be funny and sexy! with BARUCH and MOLLENA

hi Queer Open Mic folks, wanted to share these two videos with you all. Last month we had an incredible show at The San Francisco Queer Open Mic, and one of the best parts was that the amazing, talented, and former co-host Mollena Williams was able to come and co-host with me since Blythe was sick. Here is a little video of how fucking sexy we are together on stage. OH and of course, WE’RE TALKIN ABOUT SEX!

< Mo and Baruch!

Back when she hosted the show, every show Mo would take a moment to have a Mo rant, it was one of my favorite parts of the show, and I looked forward to it every month. Since she was a guest host, I just had to beg her to do a Mo Rant, she did and it was amazing.

Spitting in Porn!

Don’t miss the next Queer Open Mic May 24th with our feature, comedian Jennifer Dronsky!!!

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