Horseshit and Delicate Wine, an interview with July feature HOREHOUND STILLPOINT


Here is an interview we did with our feature of the month HOUREHOUND STILLPOINT, each month we like to do something a little extra to get to know our feature artists and sometimes we interview them, to learn more, or just for fun! Check it out, and don’t miss this Friday’s SANFRANCISCO QUEER OPEN MIC!


 1. What is your favorite 80s sitcom?

Newhart.  No, that was in the 70’s.  Roseanne . . . no, that was mostly 90’s.  Ah to hell with the 80’s.  Wait, I know:            Designing Women!


2.What’s your biggest struggle – work, art, life or otherwise?

Work.  Work and health issues.  Work, health issues, and sex & love.  I could do this all day


3. Name a queer writer you admire, or have learned a lot from? 

Genet. Letta Neely.  Whitman. Trebor Healey.  Michelle Tea.  I could do this all day too.


4. When did you decide to be a writer, what made you decide that? 

In high school, the moment my english teacher spoke the name, Dostoyevsky, I thought – before I even knew who he was – that’s who I want to be like.


5. Historical person you would have sex with?

Attila the Hun. Jim Morrison.  And everyone in between.


6. Do you drink? If yes, what is your favorite drink? If no, what is your favorite non alcoholic beverage? 

Green tea in the morning.


7. What is your favorite spot to perform in the Bay Area? 

Wherever Perverts Put Out is happening (currently in the Center for Sex and Culture).


8. If someone said, “I want to do what you do,” what would you warn them about?

I would only encourage ‘em.


9. Do you have a favorite role model?



10. Favorite female identifying writer? 

Anne Lamott


11. Do you go to Burning Man? If yes, why? If no, why?

No, because it’s in the desert.  I’m like a delicate wine; I don’t travel well.


12. What’s wrong with the Bayarea today?

Nothing.  Except that it’s part of Samsara so it’s relatively fucked up.


13. Favorite junk food? 

The closest I come to junk food is dairy-free gluten-free cookies.  (Told you I was delicate.)


14. What is your favorite story to tell at a gathering of friends? 

Whoever has been fucking me lately.


15. What would you like to see happen in your lifetime?

The landing of completely trippy non-violent aliens


16. If you could live anywhere in San Francisco, which neighborhood would it be? 

I don’t wanna think about this.


17. What are some of your favorite smells? 

Smells don’t do much for me.  I do like horseshit though; reminds me of my youth.


18. What would you tell a younger version of yourself if you could send a 50 word message? 

“When you go back to Columbus in 1972, and you go to that gay bar to get away from the family for a few hours, that will be Ned Peacock sitting at the bar, and if you don’t go home with him tonight, you will never see him again.”


 19. What are you most proud of? 

Being who I am in spite of everything.


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